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  • Señor Developer Buttons.
  • Señor Developer Shirts. Screens. Balloons.
  • Señor Developer Shirts on Pitch Pine.

Tester Testimonials

  • "Moar Beer!"

    Klaus Peter S. ( @phoet )
  • "This is some serious stuff, man."

    Lennart K. ( @_lennart )
  • Señorinas & Señores!

    Congratulations! You have reached the internet home of a pretty stupid pun. It has probably around a while, but only we cared to create an extra stupid logo along with a website and actual merchandising for it. The last original handprinted batch of T-Shirts was produced on March, 17th 2012. Sorry, but that is over now. (We may do some manual printing at future conferences)

    For your convenience and our fame, we have openend up a shop over at spreadshirt.net

    If you have any questions, inquiries or suggestions please get in touch with @senordeveloper on twitter

    OK! Take me to the shop now! »